Thursday, January 4, 2018

Singer Monogrammer - the "other" one

I've raved about my Singer Deluxe Monogrammer, and honestly I still think it is about the coolest gadget I have.  I will find ANY excuse to use it.  (Sorry family and friends, you know you'll get something monogrammed from me!)

This is the other one - the one that makes tiny little letters suitable for cuffs or collars or even a dainty little hanky.

These are pretty cheap on eBay - about $20 - and they work on all slant shank Singers.  Keep in mind though, that you need a zigzag machine to make the satin stitch (so the 301 and 404 won't work.)  You also need a special feed cover plate even though the Slant-O-Matics have an elevated throat plate system to bypass the feed dogs. Using the elevated throat plate just doesn't work for this, I tried it.

According to the instruction booklet this should be included so if you're buying one from eBay make sure it is in there. Mine was missing, and they are almost impossible to find one on it's own.  Fortunately I, being blessed by the vintage Singer gods, did find one in the accessory box of a 503 at an Estate Sale. 
Simanco part #161825

If you've ever used a Singer automatic buttonholer, then this will be somewhat familiar.  It attaches to the machine the same way, and you open it and insert cams in a similar way as well.

There is a placement guide with a needle hole for each letter so you will know exactly where to begin to get your letter properly positioned (I'm not showing that step.)

Now you just set your stitch width to 2-1/2 for best results, and away you go.

This makes a super cute little monogram that would look really posh on a men's shirt collar or a dainty hanky for your grandma.  (Just be sure to use a wash away or tear away stabilizer if you're monogramming a hanky)

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  1. That is really amazing. I have a 401 and I've used a lot of the decorative stitches, but I would love to try this. It would be another fun toy to play with.