Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Video: Rural Family in the 1950s Buys Mom a Singer Sewing Machine

You never know where a vintage Singer sewing machine might show up!  In this video, a family living in rural Georgia makes their living by cutting wood.  The two sons work with their father every day cutting trees and they decide that if they get a power saw they can cut three times faster.  The whole family decides to sacrifice and save the $350 to buy the saw.

On a trip into town one day, the family drives by a house where a neighbor is on the front porch sewing with her Singer sewing machine that was the "envy of all the womenfolk."


Later, in town, the mother looks longingly at a Singer in a store window that costs $95.


As the story continues, the family works hard all summer and saves every cent to buy the saw.  When they finally get it, they are able to make three times as much money and can now paint their house and buy other luxuries.  The film ends with dad and the sons presenting mom with her coveted Singer, and they had "never seen her happier."


She is shown excitedly setting up her machine, opening the box of attachments, and reading the instruction book.


This video wasn't about Singer sewing machines, it was a film about a rural family working together and sacrificing for the things they wanted.  But at the end, it was so cool to see the mom finally get the machine she'd had her heart set on.