Monday, October 10, 2016

More Fun with Singer Deluxe Monogrammer

Okay, I now have 18 letter cams, and I think I can confess here that I have found a method for obtaining them .... well actually I believe I'll wait until I've collected the rest of them before I reveal my method (sorry, but you know how it is!) 

UPDATE: I have 24 letters now, all except Q and X, so I'll reveal my method.  I went on ebay and bought a monogrammer set that had some of the letters I needed.  Then I resold it with any cams I had that were duplicates.  Rinse and repeat until I had all the letters I needed.  Worked!

You start out by installing the feed cover plate and then the attachment.  While the Singer 503 has an elevated throat plate to bypass the feed dogs for FM stitching, it just doesn't work with the monogrammer (I'm not sure why, but take my word for it.)

You insert the plastic letter template (flat piece sticking out on the left) and crank it in, then you use the plastic letter guide to show you where to begin stitching.

Then off you go!

This is a fantastic attachment that makes spectacular monograms.  How nice is this?  (And how cute is this vintage fabric?)

I'm using it as a tab on a wallet I'm making for a friend.

(Don't look too closely because it didn't turn out quite as well as I hoped!)

This is a second variation on the theme, with the zipper pouch in front.  Mostly I just love this fabric and want to play with it!


  1. That is fascinating! I think your wallet looks nice. Would this monogrammer work on a 301?

  2. Unfortunately it won't work on the 301. Unlike the automatic buttonholer, which moves the fabric back and forth to form the satin stitch, this attachment relies on the machine to do the satin stitch and only moves the fabric in the shape of the letter - so it needs a zz machine. I guess theoretically you could put it on the 301 and it would make a straight line outline of the letter but I never tried that.