Thursday, December 15, 2016

More Repurposing for American Girl Doll Clothes - Best One Yet!

My daughter-in-law gave me an old pair of jeans - at my request - so I'd have some authentic looking denim for the doll clothes.  It had great back pockets with lots of "bling,"

I picked it off the jeans, cut it right down the middle, and used it for the front of the vest.  It didn't quite fit the pattern piece, so I laid a plain piece of denim underneath to cut it out, then I satin stitched it into place with a decorative thread.  That is the line of gold stitching at the bottom left.

And WOW, this made the cutest vest!  I still need a skirt to go with this outfit, maybe out of the same denim.

I did break down and buy fabric for this little dress because at this point I'm kind of getting carried away by the whole project.  Besides, I needed a knit for this dress and I didn't have anything suitable. 
(sleeves aren't hemmed yet.)

All these pieces are from Simplicity 8041

I'm not done yet!  I have knitted little crop sweater from a glittery red yarn which I will pair with a skirt from the red/white striped fabric so each girl will have one Christmasy dress-up outfit. 

To be continued....