Sunday, February 24, 2019

Just For Fun! Singer Genie 354

When you've sampled all the best machines Singer ever made, it's time to branch out a little bit and look at something just for fun.  Here is a machine with a funky 1970s vibe that makes you smile just to look at it.  I've had an eye out for one for a while now, and when I saw this one at an antique mall, I grabbed it.  Yes, I paid way too much for it (anything more than $20-$25 is too much, I suppose) but as I always say, a vintage item is only "worth" as much as someone is willing to pay for it, and I paid $75 - GASP!  

So besides the cool retro orange and yellow flower design, what does this machine have going for it?  

Well, for one thing, it has one of the most cleverly designed carrying cases I've ever seen.  Check this out...

The handle folds down until you need it, just like the 301.
It has a cool antennae-like spool pin that retracts when you put it in the case.

And look how cleverly the controller and power cord are stored underneath

I found it too charming to resist.   Skipping to the relevant part, though, here is how it sews.  It is quieter and smoother and even a little faster than I would have expected since it actually has a toothed belt that drives the hook (rather than a direct gear to gear system.)  

And here you go...

It makes acceptable stitches with only four built in stitch patterns including zigzag, blind stitch, multiple zigzag, and some type of lightning bolt thing which I guess is a stretch stitch.  That's all she does!

 Acceptable straight stitch 

The machine does a surprisingly good satin stitch!  (I used a satin stitch foot for best results.)

It has four built-in stitch patterns, but no cam system for additional stitches

It works passably well with the flower stitch foot.  So what can be more fun than making flowers with this Flower Power sewing machine!


  • Low shank machine with belt drive/enclosed motor (I didn't get a look at the amps)
  • Comes with ankle adaptor presser foot which takes snap-on feet
  • Five stitch widths
  • Four stitch patterns
  • Three needle positions
  • Enclosed bobbin winding mechanism (you have to remove the housing - which involves quite a number of screws - to get inside to change the bobbin winder tire or to oil the machine.)
  • Class 66 plastic drop-in bobbins
  • Raising plate system to bypass feed dogs 
  • push and release button for reverse stitching (at least I won't ever "forget" and leave it in reverse with this machine)