Saturday, April 4, 2020

Yes, I'm Making Masks

Like almost everyone who sews, I am making homemade masks to protect against COVID-19.  Yes, we all know it isn't sure-fire protection, and the jury is still out on whether it does any good to use them at all.  But it mostly likely can't HURT, and even if it gives just a slight protection, that's better than nothing.

Then, also, we're all cooped up in the house with fabric and sewing machines so why not?

I sifted through lots of patterns online and made a few mock ups until I settled on the one I like the best which is  THIS ONE 

Rather than the flat rectangle with pleats, which most patterns seem to be, this one is contoured so it really hugs your face.  I omitted the wire to go around your nose, because it really wasn't necessary.  And since elastic is hard to come by, I modified it to use hair elastics (of which I have plenty.)

 Used cute fabric remnant and ponytail elastics for this one. 

Used my last piece of corded elastic (and plain muslin) for this one