Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Singer Cabinet Addiction (Is There a 12 Step Program?)

Well, I bought another cabinet.  Every time I buy another cabinet or another machine, I am convinced that THIS is "the one."  But really and truly, this is the one.  I promise.  

Three or four years ago I sold a Singer #42 cabinet that I had bought at an estate sale and I regretted it ever since.  It was so beautiful!  Now there are two different versions of this cabinet.  The one I sold is the earlier model which looks just like this except it has three separate drawers on the right rather than the curved panel that swings out.  And in the top left drawer it has a built-in ink well and pencil tray which is just the coolest thing ever. 

This one has a spool rack in the left hand drawer rather than the ink well.  

Swinging panel opens to reveal two drawers and a shelf for storing patterns.  

Like all mid-century Singer cabinets, this is actually a fine piece of furniture.  Look at the back!  This isn't cheap particle board facing the wall, it is all solid wood.

But the best part is that this version of the #42 cabinet can take my Singer 301 - my favorite machine.  They look great together because they both have similar Art Deco styling. 
(The earlier version of this cabinet cannot accept the 301)
(PS...after taking this photo, I installed the controller in the cabinet to use with the knee lever)

So I have a new card table for my Featherweight.  I have the "ultimate" cabinet for my 301.  I put my Rocketeer in the cabinet previously occupied by the 301.  All is well in my Vintage Singer Sewing World.  :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Some Catching Up To Do!

Wow, I haven't been here in forever (I have been chained to my books).  But now I have a few weeks to catch up and putter around with my sewing machines again.

This week I answered a Craigslist ad:  "Two machines for $40".  One was a Singer 503 Rocketeer.
It is slightly more dinged up than my own 503, but once I took it apart, cleaned and oiled it, it actually runs faster and smoother and makes a nicer stitch.

Singer 503 Rocketeer rescued from a filthy garage and coaxed back into working order.  It does really beautiful stitching!

One of the little "goodies" that came along for the ride was this zigzagger that isn't like any I've ever seen before - a no name "Made in Japan" attachment for low shank.
Each cam is about the size of a quarter and has TWO stitch patterns. Compare to the Singer Automatic zigzagger and its ginormous cams!

Super nice zigzag, satin stitching and decorative stitching on my Featherweight and super easy

Its much "daintier" than the big Singer attachment - better for the Featherweight

Here it is stitching on my Featherweight.  Its not something I'll probably ever actually use, but it is cool just to have it.  And it will fit in my FW case along with all 14 stitch patterns!

PS  ....
(The other machine was a Kenmore 158.13200 that isn't working at all and not something I really want to fool with. I will recycle it.)