Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bonding with my Singer 404 and Making a "Stash" Wardrobe for American Girl

So every time I bring home another vintage Singer, I have a routine.  I clean it, oil it, and make any minor repairs.  Then I sew with it for a while until I feel comfortable with it (and can work out any bugs), then nine times out of ten I end up reselling it.  I'm not sure about this one yet, it may be a keeper.

Like many vintage Singers, this 404 is Perfection in Straight Stitch.  As seen in the following pictures, I've sewn satin, lace, tulle, fake fur, corduroy, and denim - and I've made buttonholes. There is something very peaceful about sewing on a no frills machine that never talks back - in all the hours I've used it so far, I haven't had a single hiccup, just perfect stitching with perfect tension every time.

On to the projects...

I was blessed with four sons, and loved raising boys.  There was only one thing I kind of missed when they were growing up and that was sewing girly things.  Happily, my boys have provided me with granddaughters so now I get to make up for lost time and indulge myself.  The girls are getting new dolls for Christmas, so I've been doing a little stash-busting to make them clothes.

Oh, and I scoured the local thrift stores for an 18" doll to use for a model (only $6.99!) and although her hair is kind of whacked up, she'll do.

Everything is from my stash, even the buttons. The corduroy is from a jumper I made for myself.

Stash fabric that I used to face the jumper made of the corduroy above. Stash rickrack.

Blue satin left from granddaughter's Cinderella costume and yarn remnants. More stash buttons.

This was Estate Sale fabric, probably a vintage piece - at least it looks like it.  Tulle from the half-price remnant bin at JoAnn.

Pink knit left from making t-shirts for the girls.  Denim cut down from a pair of my old jeans.  Crocheted edging from thread stash.  Iron-on appliqué from JoAnn.

The faux fur was stashed from a Christmas stocking I made last year. The satin and tulle were from the half-price remnant bin. Only the striped fabric was bought off the bolt.

I'm not done yet, I'll be making as many outfits as I can until Christmas and I have lots more remnants to use.  I think I can say that I've now officially bonded with the 404.  I really can't find any fault with it, and other than needing to zigzag on my 503 occasionally, I could use this for everything I sew.