Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Re-Purposing Vintage Linens and Hankies

A couple of projects on the fly this morning just 'cause I was in the mood to sort through my pretty vintage linens and see what I could do with some of them.  (Fall brings out the Project Queen in most of us, doesn't it?)

I had three quilt squares that came along for the ride when I bought a sewing machine a few months ago.  Two were finished, one not quite.  Now I DO NOT quilt (I'll talk about that later...maybe!)  But these were kind of nice with some true vintage fabrics - maybe 50 years old or more.   There is really only one thing you can make with random squares like that:
Yep, a pillow.  I just happened to have some unbleached muslin on hand for the back, just happened to have a pillow form the exact size of the square and just happened to have VINTAGE ZIPPERS!  

I have tons of these collected from my various yard sales, Estate sales, etc.  It only seemed fitting to use a 1950's zipper with this project.

And yes that is "vintage" thread in the sewing machine!  

Useless little project, I suppose, but took me 20 minutes and got at least one of those quilt squares out to be seen.  Then I looked at my growing pile of vintage hankies and not being quite brave enough to sew them into anything - yet - I put some lemon verbena in a piece of tulle and tied it up in a hankie.

Oh, and yes, that is a new sewing basket I bought at an Estate Sale this weekend - wait did I not just swear off Estate Sales to get my addiction under control?  *Ooops* I guess I fell off the wagon!

Another vintage hankie (no cutting, no sewing) made into a giant pincushion.  This was made with a wonderful round hankie, you don't see many of those.  I filled a little fishbowl with wooden spools, topped with a styrofoam ball and some fiberfill.  Good for big quilting pins and never gets misplaced!

And for another "No Sew" project, I made a little lavender pillow.  Sewed lavender buds into tulle, sprinkled on a little lavender oil

Wrapped it up

Tied it with ribbon and added a button

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