Friday, October 5, 2012

Estate Sale Addict Needs to Reform!

So what do I do when I'm not sewing?  Well yeah, I run - not as much as I should - but I also chase Estate Sales and sometimes waste money.  Is there a 12 Step Program for this?   For example, do I *need* this collection of vintage hankies I bought today?  

But aren't they pretty????
Do I *need* an expensive collection of vintage hats?  OMG, when did I start with the vintage hats???
What was I thinking?

Well maybe I can justify this one, it was only $5, a vintage sewing/knitting basket.
Kinda cool, yes?

However, there is no way I needed this.  It is just cute and it really does work.  (Please don't humiliate me by asking me how I know.)  LOL

And a few other odds and ends including this which I will sell on eBay. I already have one just like it and maybe after the costumes, I will do a little show-off of how it works.  One of those old attachments that works surprisingly well - you'll see!

So, I wasted plenty of time AND money today.  I will not go to another Estate Sale for one month starting NOW.  You heard it here!  


  1. The snow white dress is coming out great!

  2. It is a really great feeling, making something for someone who is so excited about it. I always made my boys costumes and they would pick them out and the fabric and sometimes sit and watch me sew. They always looked so cute and always loved their handsewn costume so much : )