Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vintage Sewing Machines from The Outer Banks

Well this is my blog and I guess I am allowed to go off topic once in a while, so I'll start with a vacation photo.  This is a gorgeous beach near Nag's Head on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.   Having grown up in Coastal Georgia - and still living within a four hour drive of Savannah - it never occurred to me to drive 600 miles to the the Outer Banks.  But WOW, this was worth 10 hours in the car.  

Being the total nerd that I am, I had to visit every museum and historical site I could find which included Kitty Hawk, where the Wright Bros launched aviation history, and the some of the lighthouses along the coast.   Yes, you have to see the Lighthouse at Cape Hatteras before I show you the sewing machines!  ;)
Tallest Lighthouse in North America - about 200 ft.  No, I did not climb to the top! (but my DH did)

I wasn't looking for vintage sewing machines on this trip, but surprisingly, I came across a couple of them in the museums I visited so of course I took photos (yes, photos were allowed).  This Singer was in the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum at Cape Hatteras in an exhibit showing "Life on the Outer Banks at the Turn of the Century".   A run of the mill machine, but interesting to see it in a museum. (Sorry for the poor quality photos.)

Then at Kitty Hawk, I saw this one which was an example of the one Wilbur Wright used to sew the fabric for his wings.

And also this one, which was the actual one he used.  

Although these aren't Singers, they are similar antique treadles.  How amazing to imagine Wilbur Wright sewing up the wings of his plane on this machine, right?  

I visited umpteen antique stores on this trip, too, and saw the usual old treadle machines galore.  Only one, however, was photo worthy  - and again, its not the best photo.  But it is a beautiful machine, the decals are almost blindingly bright.  I can't help but wonder.... is this a repo?  (Anybody?)

So now I'm home from vacation and have lots to catch up on, including some sewing (bridesmaid dress alterations for a family member's wedding and Halloween costume for granddaughter).  So busy, I go, still dreaming of the beach...

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  1. Yes, it is a repro. Chinese made 1973. A bit too garish for original vintage. Nice blog post!