Sunday, July 19, 2015

Featherweight Card Table - my newest acquisition!

Well there is very little left that I covet for my sewing room but this was something I was always on the lookout for.  I never actively searched for it, but I knew if I found one at the right price I'd get it.

In five years of keeping an eye out for a Featherweight card table this is only the second one I've ever seen.  I decided I might as well get it because it just doesn't seem like there are that many of them around.  Even on eBay, there may be one or two for sale at any given time and that is it.  My theory is that they were just absorbed into households as an every day table because unlike a regular sewing cabinet they were a useful piece of furniture with or without the machine.

The nice thing is that like all Singer products made before about 1965 or so, it is very high quality.  This thing weighs a ton!  It is solid wood, not cheap particle board. The hardware is high quality and heavy duty - nothing flimsy here.  This is a very nice table by any standard and it is the perfect complement to a lovely little Featherweight.

If I have to justify this further (I don't, do I?) I can tell myself that this is a great extra table for the kids for big family meals or even for a party.  It is pretty enough to use for any occasion.

Also, DH and I are looking to downsize sometime in the next couple of years and this will be a great all purpose table for when we need to save space.  We can do jigsaw puzzles on it or play cards on it in addition to using it for an extra dining table.

Score!  I love it!


  1. That is a very nice card table! You are lucky! I fitted my Singer 301 in a Singer table by taking some of the wood to place the crib. Not as nice as a real Singer 301 table, but I'm sure I will never find a 301 table in the Netherlands.

  2. I found two of the Featherweight tables in a Habitat ReStore locally. I saw the first one and told my wife how happy I was. A minute later she saw a second one in a bin with headboards in it. $14 & $17, bought them both!