Friday, April 4, 2014

A Personal Note...

So a double post today, and this one is nothing to do with sewing.

IF everything goes as planned - and this is still in the works but is looking good at this point - I will be spending four months in France later this year.  When I decided to go back to college well into middle age, I figured why not go for the whole experience just like any other coed (wait, do they still say "coed"?  I didn't think so!)  So I am going to do Study Abroad to complete my minor in French.

I will likely spend the summer raising money for the trip by selling everything I possibly can.  One connection I can make to sewing, I guess, is the fact that I sold my beautiful Centennial Featherweight.

Yes, this gorgeous machine has gone to a new home and raised just enough money for my application fee for Study Abroad (!)  

So I'm not sure how much time I will have for sewing and/or playing with sewing machines for a while after I finish the Easter dresses.  Final exams are coming up in about three weeks, then I have a visitor from France coming in June who will hopefully spend the summer getting me up to speed with my French.  

I am no longer on Facebook so I am toying with the idea of another blog which will chronicle my adventures as a middle-aged student attending a French university... we'll see...

Link to my blog Second Chance in France


  1. Can't wait! Blog away!!! :D

  2. Drat! Hit enter too soon. It hurt me you had to sell your CENTENNIAL Featherweight, but the reason is the best. Can't argue with education and travel all rolled into one. I just hope it wasn't a family piece, 'cause then I would have to cry!

  3. Bon chance! You'll love France. I hope you keep this blog going ...