Friday, August 31, 2012

I Have Vintage Feed Sacks!!!

Just a very quick post to gloat a little.  On my last post I showed the pile of vintage fabric I found at the Estate Sale.  At the time I was more caught up in the new sewing machine (which I gifted to my daughter-in-law who is learning to sew for her two little girls) and of course the Gun Story.  

So I finally got a good look at what I've got in this fabric stash.  I am a little slow on the uptake sometimes, but it finally dawned on me that these four pieces are Depression era feed or flour sacks.  CLUE: (for those as dense as I was!) they were sewn into sacks with a very heavy cotton thread.   I googled it to be sure, and  the dimensions match those of feed/flour sacks from the 1930's - 1940's that were made of bright prints which women would re-use to make clothing.   (Today we call this "Repurposing" but our Depression era grandmothers were way ahead of us in this concept.)  

During the Depression and the War years these were vital sources of fabric for many families and women were extremely competitive about getting the patterns they wanted - and enough of each pattern to make an entire garment.   Since they measure approximately 44" X 38", that is basically about one yard of fabric as it would be cut from the bolt.  Therefore it might take anywhere from 2 sacks to make a little girl's dress to 3-4 sacks for an adult woman's housedress.

These came out costing me about .50 apiece.  They sell on eBay for anywhere from $12-$30.   Score!  :)

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