Monday, August 13, 2012

Another Featherweight Cover, a Very Sick Puppy...and some goodies

I picked this fabric because it was slightly reminiscent of the ornate black & gold Singer design. 

With this one I made a stupid mistake since I was cutting it out late in the evening and I was hot and irritable at the time.  I cut it with the print running sideways rather than up and down. I am the WORST about getting disoriented with right/left, up/down, right side/wrong side, etc.  I am the person who will sew the right side to the wrong side, tediously rip out the seam, and then proceed to sew it incorrectly once again. 


And speaking of Featherweights, last night I found this sad puppy.  It almost makes you want to weep, doesn't it?  I'm no expert so I'm not sure how this kind of corrosion happens...I think it's called aluminum rot, but I don't know what causes it or what can be done to fix it other than strip the finish down to the bare metal and repaint it.   Not a job for me, however.  I have refinished a couple of simple pieces of furniture and hated every minute of it.  Don't even want to do it on metal.

Otherwise, not much new in Vintage Singer world and no great finds lately. I hope this dry spell means I will soon hit the Mother Lode.  An example of a Mother Lode is a score I made a few months ago.  Now this was my ultimate score in Singer treasure hunting:

Gorgeous 201-2 in the fantastic #42 cabinet.  Came with the Pinking attachment, hemstitcher, buttonholer, Singer fabric gripper and blind stitch attachment plus all the regular attachments and a stool full of various goodies.  I mean this was a "Died and Gone to Singer Heaven" score.  I sold it all except for the Pinking attachment and fabric gripper. To this day I wish I had kept that amazing cabinet, but it had a stale cigarette odor which was just enough to annoy me and the new owner didn't seem to be worried about it.   But looking at the picture now I weep a little for having let it slip through my fingers.  

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