Monday, July 9, 2018

Isn't She Lovely! Sky Blue Singer 338

This week I did something for the VERY FIRST TIME.

I went online and bought a sewing machine that I specifically wanted!  What I've always done is to watch estate sales, thrift stores, and local ads for interesting machines.  I like the thrill of the hunt and coming across machines I wasn't really expecting.  But this time I did it the other way around, and sought a specific machine to go with THIS gadget:

A flower stitch foot
(I borrowed this image, this one isn't mine.)

Well I just thought these were so cool I had to have one.  Only thing is, they don't come in a slant shank version, and the only machine I have that can make decorative stitches is my 401.  So I had to find a machine that will work with it.

My requirements were:

1.  Vintage Singer zigzag with all metal gears
2.  Low shank
3.  Takes fashion discs

A 328 or 338 exactly fits the bill.  I used to have a 328 that I sold a while back and wish now I had kept it.  I started hunting for another one and found this one on Shop Goodwill.  Even better because it's blue! 

Seriously, isn't this PRETTY??

I bid on another one just like it and when the bidding got too high ($62 + shipping) I dropped out.  This one was my second choice since the listing said that it "does not power on."  Hmmm....well I saw that it came with the power cord/controller, so I couldn't see how it could possibly fail to power on.  I've picked up dozens of old electric Singers and I have yet to find one that won't power on.  No one else bid on it, so I got it for $11.99 + shipping.  

And guess what -  it arrived a couple of days later in perfect condition.  I plugged it in and it powered on and sewed perfectly.  Here is a situation where the merchandise was NOT as described, but to my advantage!

These are the eight "fashion disc" stitches that originally came with this machine.   Nice!

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  1. WOW...great find!! Glad you got this and I hope the discs are fine and the flower attachment works well too! :)