Friday, September 2, 2016

Back to Estate Sales

Not much going on with the historical sewing at the moment - not since the mock up of the Regency gown I made.  More on that later, I hope.

But now that I have graduated - and have yet to find a job - I have time go get back to my vintage treasure hunting hobby for a while.  One thing I have noticed is that good vintage Singer sewing machines at dirt cheap prices are getting harder and harder to find.  (Or maybe I've already cleaned out my immediate area!)  But I'm still always on the lookout for interesting old notions, attachments, or other sewing supplies.  The pickings have been slim this summer but today I did find this great cache of vintage Coats & Clark silk buttonhole twist:

With the original boxes, too!

Seriously, aren't these threads gorgeous?

I didn't buy them to resell, but I looked on Etsy and eBay and found that these spools sell for $3-$4 EACH, and I got three dozen of them for $2 TOTAL!  

For another $1, I got the Tidee Maid vintage thread box and a cool scallop ruler/template.  

I have several of these thread boxes, and they are great for hand sewing.  It works as a dispenser, where the thread comes out a little slot on the side and is cut along a metal edge, kind of like a dental floss container.

I got all this for less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks, so I'm happy  :)


  1. You got some really nice things there. There are a lot of machines for sale here in the Dallas area but it's hard to find the little "goodies" that go with them.

  2. Drool. I have a few of those tidee maid boxes and several buttonhole twist spools that I've collected in lots that I bought on ebay. One time I found an antique store in Red Hook NY that was pricey in general but had a lot of vintage sewing notions reasonably priced. That was heaven.

    1. Its always nice to hear from others who love such simple items. It doesn't take much to make us happy! :)