Sunday, December 30, 2012

Isn't She Lovely! Isn't She Beautiful!

 Well it has been a couple of months now since I came across a vintage Singer I wanted to buy.   I guess everyone has been too busy with the holidays to drag out old sewing machines and offer them for sale. But finally...this!   

She is a little bit special because she is a Centennial Featherweight (circa 1951).  

 And she came with lots of good stuff

Case is in very good condition too

But here's the deal:  Somebody has to find a new home, I will not hoard sewing machines!  Even if I could afford to do it, which I can't, I wouldn't collect several of any given model, it's just not my style. But I am feeling just the teensiest temptation to keep this one and sell my 1956 model.    

Hmmmm.....I don't know.  One of them will be going to a new home and I'll have to sleep on it before I decide. A couple of years ago I bought a Centennial 15-91 which I resold rather than replace the 15-91 handed down to me by my mom.   

They are both beautiful...but who stays and who goes?

So why, you may ask, do I keep buying these Featherweights only to turn around and sell them?  Yes, I make a small profit, but considering the time I spend hunting, searching, retrieving, researching, repairing, restoring, cleaning, tuning, adjusting, photographing, listing, etc., etc. it really isn't a money maker.  I basically just make enough money to support my sewing habit and finance my fabric, notions, patterns and the vintage attachments I covet.   So while the few extra dollars helps, that is only part of the story.  Mainly I just can't resist the siren call of a beautiful vintage Singer for sale on Craigslist (at a steal of a price!)  I love the thrill of going to get them, bringing them home and playing with them before finding them a new home.  Every one is just a little bit different and I learn something new with each one.  The little "goodies" that often come along for the ride are part of the thrill as well.   

So....who will stay and who will go to a new home?

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