Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vintage Fabrics, a couple of finds...

The ultimate vintage sewing experience?  Sewing vintage fabrics on my Singers and of course using all those nifty Singer attachments which make it so much fun.  (I'll show those later - each and every one.)  But first a couple of recent fabric finds.   

How absolutely gorgeous is this?  Scrounging around in an antique store recently I came upon a basket stuffed with odds and ends of old linens.  I picked up this piece which was sewn into what looked like a huge pillow case (?).  Bought it for $3.  Unpicked the seams, washed and ironed it, and I have 1-5/8 yds of beautiful chintz fabric.  It hasn't told me what it wants to be yet, but I love just looking at it.  

Then the other day at an Estate Sale I came across this piece which I bought for $1.50.  A very lightweight cotton in a dainty, delicate print.  It needs to be made into a darling little dress of some kind.  

UPDATE:  Sunsuit I made for a sweet baby girl with this fabric!

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