Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Coveted 301 Longbed with Carrying Case

And it didn't cost me a cent!

Singer 301a long bed

So, here's how I got it:  I bought the 403 shown in this post for $50, I sold it for $100, then I bought this 301 for $50.  In fact, if you look at the blog photo of all my machines, that entire collection (including all the accessories) hasn't set me back one cent.  For every machine or gadget I own, I've sold at least four others which replenishes my hobby fund.

If you're so inclined, you can do this with almost anything you collect.  It simply takes time and patience, and you have to enjoy the process of hunting for the next great find, dragging it home, fixing it up, and selling it.  I do enjoy that since there is always another model I want to acquire, even if it is only passing through.

Of course I already have the 301 black short bed in a cabinet
Singer 301 short bed
These are two variations of the exact same machine.  The "bed" is the extension leaf that folds up and down so you can access the vertical bobbin case under the machine (the Featherweight has this, too.)  The long bed, like this beige one, won't fit into a standard cabinet and usually comes with the carrying case.  The short bed, like this black one, fits into certain Singer cabinets with a cradle adaptor.  This means it can be easily removed from the cabinet - you don't have to unscrew anything - and used as a portable. (This post shows how the cradle adaptor fits into the cabinet.)

Keep in mind that you can also get the short bed in beige or the long bed in black.  The black is usually considered more "collectible" mainly because it is the last of the beautiful black Singers with the glossy gold decals.  The beige 301 ushered in the color scheme that would be seen in the 400 and 500 Slant-o-Matics.  Apparently this was supposed to be a more "modern" style, but they just didn't have the same glamour as the classic black and gold models.

Not that Singer didn't try to cash in on vintage appeal with their anniversary edition 160 a couple of years ago (the less said about this cheap, plastic imitation, the better.)

        So, back to the 301.  

I've raved about them before, and I have to say that this is the hands down best machine of ALL the many vintage Singers I've owned.  The other Slant-o-Matics are good, don't get me wrong, but the 301 is not only the original Slant-o-Matic, it is the only one with the vertical bobbin.  And this machine runs like greased lightning - 1500+ stitches per minute.  I'm pretty sure that beats any but the most expensive home machine you can buy today, and you can cop one of these for $100 or less.

The carrying case is also exceptionally cool and this one is in very nice condition.

And it came with SIX original Class 221 bobbins.

Hey, those original bobbins are worth $2-$3 apiece, maybe more.  They are hard to find, and I never use reproduction bobbins in my vintage Singers.

I don't know how long this machine will be around, but since I broke even, I'm not in any hurry to sell it.  I think I'll just enjoy it for awhile before I decide.

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