Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Hemming Around

So a little hemming and hawing around.  Suppose I want to make a hem with a side slit and I don't want it bulky with double folded over edges.  I do it similar to how I do a hem with a front facing.

I'm going to cut out a rectangle of fabric on the side hem allowance that is a scant 1/4" less than the width of it and about 1/4" less than where the bottom hem is going to meet when it's folded into place

It's probably more like 1/8" on that side, but as long as it's enough to fold over it's fine.

Then I'm going to fold and press the side hem into place and cut off the corner (notice that the side hem allowance is only one layer thick where it will be folded into the bottom hem.)

Then fold and press the bottom hem up over the side hem

And I stitch that in one operation, pivoting at the corner where they meet  (Note: if I was doing this on the garment, I would start with the bottom hem on one side, stitch across the hem, up the side seam, across a few stitches, down the side seam on the other side, then across the rest of the hem.  Of course!)

So it looks like this on the right side:

And it looks like this one the wrong side:

And up close you can see that there is no bulk on that corner

I don't know if this is the "right" way to do it, or not, but this is how I do it!

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