Monday, October 3, 2016

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! (you never know WHAT'S under there!)

In my last post I showed the chair that came with the Singer 404 I just bought (I took it out of the cabinet because I don't need it.)  I said the chair had hideous fabric and I don't know if the pictures show just how ugly it is.  A nasty bright blue polyester, inexpertly tacked on.  YUCK!

I figured "okay, I can recover it" with no particular fabric in mind yet, but in the meantime that disgusting blue polyester just had to go.  So I removed it and VOILA!

This is the fabric that was underneath!  It is in perfect condition, not a rip, stain, or even worn spot on it.

But what makes this just too good to be true is that I was uncovering this chair right in front of my Featherweight card table that is covered with a cloth that has also has an Early American themed print.  (Its a piece of fabric I found at an Estate Sale a while back, and will be a perfect Thanksgiving table topper.)

Now I realize that this kind of print isn't everybody's cup of tea, but I just earned my degree in American History and it does appeal to me. The coincidence, though (whether you like the prints or not) is amazing.


  1. I really like the original historical fabric. What a stroke of luck!