Saturday, September 24, 2016

Vintage Love

I never get tired of playing with my vintage machines or hunting for new ones.  I look at the contemporary models that do with a touch of a button what I have to do manually - like adjust stitch length/width and tension.  They have automatic threading, needle up/down features, hundreds of stitches, and automatic buttonholes.  They have cute little storage compartments for sewing feet and flashing LED displays. They promise to make sewing FUN and EASY.  But don't appeal to me at all.

Finally I put my finger on it: they don't just don't have the character of the beloved older machines.

Compare them to vintage cars, for example:

Retro Cool   vs.   Ho-Hum





This is without even taking into account that every machine on the left still WORKS, while those on the right will be toast in just a few years.  (Even if the cars are still running, their computerized systems will be obsolete, and no one is going to want to restore them like the ones on the left - because why would they?)


  1. I agree. I love all of my vintage machines. Even my 401 makes a lot of different stitches but uses a cam system and nothing is computerized. I can also zigzag with it. And it will live longer than I will. HA!