Thursday, February 13, 2014

Who You Gonna Call? Stashbusters!

Stuck at home while it snows and sleets.  A good time for Stashbusting!  No need to buy anything new,  I have remnants and notions galore.  I have lots of vintage fabrics in a yard of this/two yards of that, bought at various estate sales because they were pretty.

So the challenge (to keep myself entertained and use up some of this stuff) is coming up with fun little projects.  And being a sucker for any kind of bag, that is the first thing I do:

A couple of items out of my stash... hour later a small project done.

I had the hardware, the zipper and the ribbon - a perfect match! - all in my stash.  I LOOOVE this fabric.  It looks like Spring and it makes me smile.  :)

Then there was something I actually needed to make, and pulled it off for $1.  Yes, $1 for Simplicity 3647 on sale at Hancock and I have a Greek costume.  (Don't ask me why I needed this costume, but I'll give a hint that it involves a Greek tragedy and an assignment in one of my classes.)

What makes this so cool and so cheap is that I got the fabric from my linen closet.  Like this:  I had an old king-sized dust ruffle that I didn't need anymore.  I cut the ruffle part off and that is the gold-striped sash you see here.  The dress was made out of the middle part (the part that goes under the mattress.)   The head band is made from a piece of stretchy sequin trim.  Quick. Easy. Cheap.  Costumes are fun!


When I got tired of sewing, I turned to eBay to fritter away some time and money.  Only my blog is privvy to this little secret:  I paid nearly $30 for two top-hat cams for my Singer 503.  


 Cam #22 on the left is an overedge stitch (basically a reverse blind stitch) that is used with the overedge foot.  Supposedly this is intended as a "stretch" stitch.  I don't know about that, but I have the overedge foot so I'm going to try it out.  On the right is cam #17, the curlicue stitch.  Okay, I know.  When am I ever going to make this stitch pattern when I already have all of THESE?

Fashion discs for Singer Slant-O-Matic

I guess I needed those two cams like I needed the complete set of cams for my Singer Automatic ZigZagger (which I will never use.)  Because they're there and I want them all!