Sunday, October 7, 2012

Where's my Poison Apple?

Finished the dress (except for hemming.)  It is not perfect and of course I can see every imperfection, but it is what it is...

As mentioned before, I refuse to do the shabby construction method which leaves all the uncomfortable and unsightly raw seams inside the bodice - I mean seriously if it's going to be lined then let's line it properly...right?   I am a little freaky this way but I want my garments to look almost as good on the inside as the outside.  .
Inside out front

Inside out back.

I did not stitch in the ditch NOR did I hand slip stitch the lining.  But I stitched very, very, very close to the edge on the right side - just barely on it - and managed to catch the entire lining underneath, HOORAY!   I not only hand basted it, but I also got the idea to run my tracing wheel along the seam on the front to make sure the stitching would fall properly on the back.  Like this:
And yes, it worked, I could see exactly where the stitching would be. 

But I still had to hand stitch around the point because of the piping and it looks a little sloppy but still better than a raw seam... yes?

Now a bitch and moan session (anyone who doesn't want to hear my Pet Peeves while sewing can be excused.  No questions asked.)  ;)

Things That Aggravate Me When I'm Sewing 
(or, It's the Little Things That Drive You Crazy Every Time!)

1.  Scissors.  As in where are they?  I use little embroidery scissors to snip my threads - I don't like the thread cutters on the needle bar.  And you'd think it wouldn't be that hard to keep up with them, but when I'm moving between machines and serger I leave them behind.  I tried hanging them around my neck but they got in the way.  I need a pair beside every machine and be done with it.

2.  Berber carpeting that grabs pins, defies the vacuum cleaner, and holds them in a point up position poised to attack bare feet.   Also all the pins I manage to jam into my finger tips.  OUCH, OUCH!

3.  Phone that sits there watching, waiting, and apparently holding all my calls and texts until the exact moment I pick up a needle or start stitching a seam.  Then on cue it starts ringing and chirping at me, shattering my concentration.  

4.  The godawful, stupid, insulting commercials they play on Geezer TV.   Okay, so I like to listen to Dragnet while I sew in the afternoons.  Does that automatically make me qualified for a Hover Round, a walk-in tub, a stair lift, Medicare supplement insurance or life insurance to save my loved ones the cost of a funeral?   

Does that mean I want to hear the lady say, "I've fallen and I can't get up" every ten minutes?  Do I want to see an elderly Henry Winkler hawking Reverse Mortgages for Seniors?  Do I want to take down the number of the lawyer who will sue somebody on my behalf because I took a bad drug or had a faulty hip implant? 

Do I want to hear about how some local trade school will train me for a new career (the assumption being that if you're not elderly, then you must an unemployed loser sitting on the couch watching Father Knows Best all day)?

NO, NO and NO!

Hey, if you are someone who uses any of the above I am not putting you down.  Folks need those goods and services, I know.   But you might be someone who has Medicare supplement insurance and watches Glee rather than the Partridge Family.   Why are we presumed to be elderly or unemployed just because we are at home during the day listening to Bonanza and Gunsmoke reruns while engaged in productive endeavors?   Just saying...

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