Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Some Day My Prince Will Come! Sewing Project for Halloween

So, lest you all think that I only collect sewing machines and paraphernalia, I feel I must prove that I can actually sew as well.  To that end, I will attempt to document this project - while I attempt to SEW this project!  LOL   What do I get myself into?  This is an adorable costume for two adorable little girls.  The two year old will be Snow White, the five month old will be Cinderella.   I have *gulp* four weeks to complete here goes.  Starting with Snow White (and probably ending with a few vodka and tonics!)

First off is tracing the TWENTY pattern pieces - and in both sizes.  Lots of tracing which I hate but it has to be done

Then the cutting out, which is quite a job with those twenty pattern pieces and five different fabrics plus interfacing.  The tracing and cutting already set me back about 4 hours and I haven't even started to sew yet!

FIVE different colors of thread!

Cape - blue lined in red

Collar and Bodice


Headband and bow

Sleeve with appliques (first bit of sewing I did!)

Skirt.  How many miles of fabric for a tiny little two year old?

Oh, and I don't want to forget Mother's Little Helper!  I haven't introduced this member of the family, yet.   (He - she? - doesn't even have a name like the others.)  As far as sergers go, I suppose it could be considered "vintage" since it is a 1980's model - only three threads.  I bought it for $50 on CL a couple of years ago and every time I use it I think to myself that it is the best $50 I ever spent.  Nothing fancy, but it does what I need which is finishing edges and seams and making rolled hems.  It is a solid metal machine, too.  Doesn't have all the bells and whistles and it is a B*@%# to thread it, but the thing is a workhorse and never lets me down.   I'm gonna need it to finish off all those finicky raw satin edges.

So, I obviously have my work cut out for me (bad pun, I know).   And off I go...

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  1. That's a great little Babylock, my mother has one and I love it! I think it was one of the very first sergers for the home sewing market. It's all metal and it runs like an industrial serger. Terrific machine.