Sunday, October 21, 2012

Should I Re-Do This (On Cinderella Costume)? Show of Hands!

Switching to pale blue everything and ready to get started.    Kathy will do the honors this time for no particular reason except that she needs to get out and play once in a while - and she is fun!

I'm doing this one a little differently than Snow White.   I'm not even lining it at all this time, just did a neckline facing.  My reasoning is that Snow White will be worn again and again for "dress up" and then passed down to the little sister so it needs sturdy construction and finishing.   Cinderella is for the baby and will be worn only a couple of times, and probably won't be handed down (although it's possible, I suppose!)   Could another reason be that I need/want to move this along and be done with it?  LOL

Kathy didn't go it alone, I serged all the edges and seam allowances.  On a waist that will be gathered, I almost always serge the edge first because as soon as you start gathering and handling the fabric it ends up a frayed mess.  And when gathering a long edge or a heavier fabric, my favorite method is to zig zag over a heavy thread.   Never have to worry about a gathering thread breaking or getting hung up and it is easier (IMO) to adjust the gathers.  Thus Bud contributed this step.

I zipped through this project and all was well until I finished stitching the waistline seam after c-a-r-e-f-u-l hand basting (or so I thought!) and found out that the puffs don't meet in the exact middle!
(Keep in mind that I have not yet pressed or finished the seam so it doesn't look sharp)


If you read my profile, you know I admitted that I am not a great seamstress - far from it.  I have average skills at best even after 40 years of sewing.  But still....hoped I'd get through this without a snafu.  So the question is, who would pick this out and redo it?  

Here is the seam I'd have to rip:  (red thread is basting which I will remove.)

Still have to install the zipper and hem it.  Can you believe this is size 1/2???  Presumably for a 6 month old baby?   But the size 2 I made for the 2-1/2 year old child just fit - it was almost snug.   Go figure the sizing on these things.

UPDATE:  Calling it done, except to hem.  



  1. No way I'd redo. It looks as if it's supposed to be that way. And you're looking at a nasty rip out/redo for a (if I read this right) one-time use dress.