Thursday, October 25, 2012

An Old Featherweight, An Interesting Gentleman and An Impulse Buy!

This will be quick and not many pictures to start out, although I may update later.  But just to stick a visual in here, THIS is my "impulse buy"
Yeah, it's real neat and all that but I don't need it.  But let me explain how I got this.  First of all I rescued - so I thought - a 1935 Featherweight from CL.  Yes, I have pics.  But I am *ashamed* so not gonna post them just yet.  I knew she was ugly when I bought her and she had no case or accessories, but heck I couldn't pass her up for $50 could I?

*** You can just stop me right here and ask me what was I thinking and that will be a totally legitimate question.

Anyway, lo and behold there was also on CL a FW case in very good condition (the older type with the tray insert).  One latch was broken but otherwise quite nice, clean and sturdy.  Lured by the $20 price tag I drove 1-1/2 hours EACH WAY to buy it.

***If you didn't stop me before to ask me what was I thinking, now's your chance!  LOL

So the gentlemen who was selling the case had an awesome collection of Featherweights - I mean really beautiful machines, including a white one in P-E-R-F-E-C-T condition with that lovely green case it comes in.   I am not kidding, this man was in his 70's and is a total Vintage Singer Freak and he really does sew on them.   He lives way out in the country and collects these items via eBay.   He isn't the type of guy you'd  picture at a sewing machine - he isn't into fashion or anything like that.   He's an outdoorsy type with a John Deere tractor that looks like it is right off the showroom floor and he sews John Deere themed items (don't ask!)   What's amazed me is the fact that he loves those dainty little FW's rather than some big, bad He-Man machine.

Well long story short(er) he nudged me into buying this controller which I really don't need.  But in some part of my brain I figured that I needed more to show for a three hour round trip than just an empty case - and well, I bought it.   *blush*

So eBay, here it comes!  It is a cool novelty item and fun just to have it, but I'd rather make the money back to spend on something I can really use.

So here's how it all shook out:

*$50 FW in pretty sorry condition - sold for parts (and yes, I made a nice profit, so I came out ahead there.)

*Controller - sold on eBay for $10 more than it cost me but that doesn't factor in gas and mileage. 

*I still have the case which I don't really need, but it's fine for storing extra parts and may come in handy later down the line

So, I guess I came out ahead on this - just barely.  But it was interesting and worth the experience anyway.

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