Friday, September 7, 2012

Singer Curvy vs Singer 15-91....Side by Side

Kind of quick post today, sparked off by one of those ubiquitous discussions on PR about Mechanical Vintage vs Computerized Modern sewing machines.  I'll save most of my thoughts on that for another time, but here is one of the main things I wonder about (having never actually sewn on a machine like the Singer Curvy that is pictured here.)   

I want to know how the heck you can see what you're doing on that big hunka plastic machine?  Looking at these side by side, you can see that the housing around the needle bar on the plastic machine is massive and the harp space is quite small compared to the 15-91 pictured below.

With the old machine, you can clearly see what you're doing and you have plenty of room to maneuver your fabric while sewing.   With the new machine it seems the view would be obstructed with that huge blob of plastic hovering over your work and the harp space would be very crowded.   And if that plastic machine isn't installed in a table, won't it jump all over the place when you're trying to sew something large or heavy?

Just wondering, and I'd be curious to hear from folks who have used machines like both of these.   Is it harder to see what you're doing and maneuver your work on one of these blobs of a modern sewing machine vs a sleek, streamlined vintage?

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  1. I just stopped by from Peter's MPB blog - visibility is one thing I don't recall ever being discussed on vintage vs. new machines. I have a 20 year old Viking, and while does not look like it has the same visibility issue as the Curvy, I sometimes use a mirror when I need to really line up at a certain spot front-to-back, like stopping or starting at a certain point on a quilt block or lapel, lining up buttonholes, etc.