Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Is Fifty Fabulous? Well maybe if you are a sewing machine!

Okay, so I had "that" birthday this week.   Fifty years old sounds charmingly vintage when applied to fashions.  It sounds distinguished when applied to men.  But applied to women it just sounds old. :(   Here are probably the only pictures of me you will ever see on this blog because I hate taking photos.  To be fair, the photo on the left was taken a year ago so let's just call it what "almost 50" looks like.   (And yes, that is the Manhattan skyline behind me.)   In comparison, here is a picture of me at 20.  (And yes, that is a rocking horse behind me, I was already the mother of two children.)  At 20 I thought I'd look like that forever...didn't we all?

Now here is a Fifty year old who hasn't changed a bit in half a century
Yes, Bud and I are the same age.   I had to look this word up, but we are Quinquagenarians which is quite a mouthful.   So who has held up better?  No contest, it is this Singer 503 sewing machine.  It still looks as great (if a bit dated) and works as perfectly as the day it was born.  I can't say the same for me either way.  

Besides me and Bud, there are lots of celebs born in 1962, which includes nearly the entire cast of St. Elmo's Fire and a couple of Desperate Housewives  ;)

I am in good company with all these celebs who also turn the big 5-0 this year:

Demi Moore
Jim Carrey
Jon Bon Jovi
Matthew Broderick
Marcia Cross
Emilio Estevez
Ally Sheedy
Tom Cruise
Steve Carrell
Joan Cusak
Nia Vardalos
Kelly Preston (and she just had a baby a couple of years ago...I guess she has some parts that are still working!)
Laura San Giacamo
Daphne Zuniga
Jodie Foster
Andrew McCarthy
Felicity Huffman
Ralph Fiennes

Another big birthday, which happens next month, is my Grandma who will be 100 years old on Halloween. Just to think that she was born the year the Titanic sank and has lived TWO of my lifetimes.  I guess that makes me feel comparatively "young".  



  1. Happy Birthday! (you young whippersnapper you...) You still look 20 in my mind's eye ;-)

    Eep....I forgot that yours is one of the blogs with the hard-to-decipher captcha phrase on the comments. Is that on purpose? If not, my last post addresses the difficulty of these on your readers, with a link to how to get rid of it, should you so choose......

  2. No, it's not on purpose! I hate those things, too. Send me the link again for how to get rid of it. Thanks! :)

  3. Sorry, I only just saw your post - here is my blog post with the instructions: Just FYI - All you need to do to get to someone's blog is click on their name or avatar in your comments :). All of the info is in my most recent post.