Sunday, July 15, 2012

Welcome to the Singer Chop Shop

Here is the carcass of a plucked and dissected Singer 15-91 sewing machine.  She is awaiting a proper funeral which will probably entail a trip to a scrap metal recycling facility.  She surely led a very productive life, sewing beautifully for many years.  Unfortunately for her, she just wasn't worth my time/effort to receive the full restoration process.  I'd have to do something with the wiring which is NOT my forte.  I can jury-rig the job more or less, but the machine would have to have some value for me to even bother.  It also had a few other minor issues, plus it needed a new power cord and controller.  It isn't worthy my time or expense to end up selling it for $50 so I decided to part this one out and see what happens.  Call it an experiment, but I have wanted to do a Chop Job on one of these machines for a while now and this is the one.  She is now officially an organ donor!  To wit:

UPDATE:  Yes, every single part shown here was sold!  A modest profit, I brought in about $75 total.  But not bad considering that the entire machine in good working order would barely bring that much.  And piecing this out was actually kind of fun and educational.  I got to google those tiny little Simanco numbers to find out a part is called a "shuttle race hook ring clamp" or whatever.  And I found out that no matter how obscure the part, there is somebody who wants it.  Now some other machines with some service left to give will get the new parts they need and go on to sew again.  :)

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