Saturday, July 7, 2012

Vintage Hankies and Vintage Knees

I love vintage linens that evoke a time when simple beauty was treasured.  Ladies hankies from the bygone eras are perfect little samples of quaint prints, lace, embroidery or other embellishments.  

I especially love the bright floral prints!

This one was a plain linen hemstitched hankie on which I crocheted my own border.  This took a size 14 crochet hook and size 80 tatting thread.  A little hard on my "vintage" eyes!

Yes, I crocheted this border myself!

There will be no picture, however, of my vintage knees.  One of these knees in particular is keeping me awake at night reminding me that I shouldn't continue to run (or the way things are going right now "attempt" to run).  Sadly body parts do NOT become more charming with age like the vintage machines or fabrics that I enjoy so much.  When body parts get old they're OLD.  We're just not built to keep working for decades, good as new, like those marvelous vintage Singers!


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