Thursday, July 26, 2012

Featherweight Visitor, Just Passing Through + How To Make a Cover for the Featherweight Case

Got a little visitor in the sewing room and we are getting acquainted.  I found her on my usual treasure hunt through the CL listings.  She was buried in an ad for an Estate Sale - somewhere in the middle of a long list of items for sale was "vintage Singer 221"... easy to miss, but I caught it.  She sat at this Estate Sale, in full view of 100s of buyers, all weekend without being sold and I picked her up with my backup offer.  The asking price was fair enough but I got it for even less than that because the seller was ready to get rid of everything and move on.

She won't stay long but I'll enjoy playing with her until she sells.  Whenever I have time, I like to make at least one complete project on a machine before I re-sell it.  That way I work out any bugs, tensions issues, etc. and I feel confident when I tell someone it is in excellent working condition.   This machine was very clean and in perfect working order, so not much to do but oil and lube it.  The case has a few issues on the bottom which I need to work on.

So this little gal is going to get a new dress.  I got the idea that on eBay among dozens of other Featherweights she might pop out if she has a custom made cover for her case - a little added value on the listing.  I got started last night and had lots of fun doing machine appliqué with with my Rocketeer.  Here are the pieces cut out and appliquéd and ready to sew.  

I wonder if this is TOO bold and funky???  I wanted it kind of mod but not cutesy (I can't stand cutesy.)  I definitely had fun doing the appliqués which is a first time for me.  

The cover is finished, I am kind of pleased with it. 

UPDATE:  This sweet little machine has been re-homed to someone who had never sewn on a FW before - it was love at first sight!   The cover I sold separately on eBay.  

For the Featherweight Case Cover Pattern CLICK HERE

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