Monday, July 23, 2012

A New Toy For My Rocketeer - The Singer Monogrammer

Well my 503 got a new toy this week, the Singer Monogrammer for slant shank, zig zag machines.   It is one of those gadgets I see on eBay for $10 and I've just gotta have it.  (More about those later...some I've turned around and sold again after I satisfied my curiosity.)

This is the monogrammer, which fits onto the machine just like the automatic buttonholer, and works in a similar way.

But there is a caveat:  You have to have this feed cover plate in order for it to work properly and it does NOT come with the monogrammer and they are actually hard to locate.  I got this one for almost nothing in a box of Singer attachments I bought at a yard sale.  One of those things I just happened to need and just happened to find!

You would assume that raising the throat plate to bypass the feed dogs (which is how its done on this this machine) would be sufficient.  While that works fine with the buttonholer, it just doesn't work with the monogrammer.

Maybe everyone else already knows this, but I am late to the party and just only recently figured out that common freezer paper, about $3.00 a box, makes great and inexpensive stabilizer for embroidery

(Apparently quilters already know this trick, but I don't quilt so that explains it.)  And while you're at it, you can take your fabric ironed onto the freezer paper and put it right through your inkjet printer to print anything you want right on the fabric - no iron on transfers needed.  How cool is that?  :)

Iron the plastic coated side onto your fabric.  Even with this very delicate linen, it peels right off without damaging the fabric.  

Use the letter placement guide to find the exact spot to start stitching

And start stitching!

The letters are only 1/2" so it really isn't suitable for anything other than maybe collars, cuffs, handkerchiefs or an eyeglass case.  Stay tuned for the Singer DELUXE Monogrammer which makes letters about 1-1/2" high and is better for towels, handbags, jackets, and other larger projects.

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