Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Then there's Bud - Singer 503 the Rocketeer

Bud is the fun machine in the group.  And honestly, how cool is he?  I will confess at this point that Bud is exactly my age - let's just say that both of us were born during the Kennedy administration and leave it at that.  The Singer 503 shows it's Space Age influence in the Rocket Man styling.  If George Jetson's wife ("Jane, his wife!") had a sewing machine, it would surely be the Rocketeer.  

Compared to the straight stitch vintage Singers, Bud is ultra modern.  Every gal needs a zig zag (more about that later) and this is Bud's special talent.  He has Singer's innovative slant shank needle which means different feet and attachments for this guy.  He has such "State of the Art" features as twin needle stitching and 3 needle positions.  And instead of dropping the feed dogs, you can just switch that lever on the front and the throat plate raises up.  Kewl! 

Bud has the works - all the original feet plus a few specialty feet (like the overcast foot and blind stitch foot) and even his own slant shank buttonholer.  Best of all is the collection of top hat cams for decorative stitches - 21 in all.   Unlike it's close cousin the Singer 500,  the 503 does not have a camstack and you get the hands on satisfaction of manually inserting a cam for each pattern stitch.   Call me weird, but I prefer it!  

Bud has his issues and simply cannot top stitch, for example (also more on that later).  But he gets his turn at bat on a regular basis whenever deco or zig zag stitching is needed.  

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  1. Love your blog! I love reading your vintage sewing machine exploits.

    Don't give up on Bud! I hope to hear more about him! He sure is a handsome machine!