Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Introducing My Machines, Singer 221 Featherweight

And the little sister of the bunch who needs no introduction.  This is absolutely one of the most sought after sewing machines of all time.

Even in this 1940's Singer brochure they mention that it outsells any other model in the world.  I believe it!  Just look on eBay and see that everything Featherweight is still going strong.  It has almost (almost?) a cult following.

I can hardly add any information about the Singer 221 that hasn't already been explained in far more detail than I can offer.  These are just as much collector's items as they are fan-freaking-tastic little sewing machines. If you love sewing machines, if you love vintage, and most definitely if you love vintage Singers - then this machine is the Holy Grail.  

And here's the deal:  you can buy a 221 Featherweight in good working order for around $200 (a Special Edition or Model 222 for $100's more).  Yet look at the most basic soulless, plastic machine for sale at the big box stores.  The cheapest ones you can find run nearly $200 and those are utter garbage.  Why...I'm asking WHY...would anyone spend their allotted $200 sewing machine budget on a Bucket-O-Plastic rather than a real Singer Featherweight?   Beats the heck outta me.  But let's just call it our little secret 'cause that leaves more Featherweights for those who really know what they're I right?  ;)


  1. I just found your blog post after googling to try and figure out what kind of sewing machine my grandmother gave me. I figured it was from the early 50's maybe, since it was the first thing my grandparents 'bought together' and they've been married 60 years this year. This is exactly what mine looks like! I'm glad to find out what I have! It still works great, too!

  2. Yay for you, Melissa, you have a treasure! Once you start learning about the machine and using it, you will be a vintage Singer nut before you know it. :)