Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Introducing my Machines, the Singer 15-91

This is my Singer 15-91 in the classic Queen Anne #40 cabinet.  This machine has a long history with me.  She used to live here: 

Yes, for many years my 15-91 lived in a humble carrying case.  Not that she was exactly portable, weighing in at a hefty 27 lbs or so.  But she was easy to tuck away in a closet when not being used.  However, she has been used a lot.   

This Singer was born in 1954 and came home with her first owner, my Mom, that year.  (Clue...I was not born until a number of years later!)  My Mom made most of my clothes on it when I was growing up.  Starting at about age 9, I began learning to sew on it (to me, at the time, it was a big, scary thing!)

This machine has resided with me for the last 30 years and did every bit of my sewing until about a year ago when several more members of the Vintage Singer family joined the family.  She is now enjoying a well deserved rest - or possibly she is jealous of all the attention I give to the newcomers!  But she never lets on if she is miffed and continues to sew like a champ whenever I take her out to play.

The Singer 15-91 was considered the Tailor's Machine in it's day compared to the 201 which was the Dressmaker's machine.   The main difference between them is the 15-91's oscillating hook and vertical bobbin vs. the 201's rotary hook and horizontal drop in bobbin.  The rotary hook does deliver a smoother operation and (supposedly) sews faster.  The 15-91 is one kicking sewing machine - but the 201 is the smooth big sister.      

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